Capsons has its office and factory located in the outskirts of Delhi, the capital of India. The in-house factory has the production capacity to produce between 10,000 to 15000 leather jackets per month depending on the kind of style being produced. All processes from inspection of leather, cutting, stitching, finishing and packaging is done in-house and under the control of its experienced manufacturing team. The factory is equipped with all modern technology used in making of leather apparel and even has a treatment and tumbling section as well as value adding machinery within its premises to allowed it to monitor and control the quality of the production.


Since Capsons started its journey as a trading company, it understands that each factory has its unique strengths and efficiency and not all production would be most efficiently produced within its own premises. Over the years, customers have preferred to source other products through Capsons utilizing the companies network and knowledge of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, for items that are not produced most efficiently within its own premises, capsons offers its customer (transparently) partner factories to cater to the customer needs on the same principles and standards that they get from Capsons. Therefore, today customers are procuring through capsons various products that are competitively produced in India.