Capsons offers a unique opportunity for its customers to benefit from its strong historic leather knowledge, textile and leather vendor associations and understanding of the Indian manufacturing environment to allow its customers to produce in India efficiently, cost effectively and creatively.

Capsons customers vary from boutique designer brands showcasing at exclusive boutiques around the world to high street retailers across the globe.

We understand our customers sometimes need our support to grow or test new things. We do our best to accommodate quantities to be produced as per their requirement. However, producing smaller quantities sometimes has technical limitations or can be impractical to do due to cost and therefore we have to look at each request based on the product and development at hand and do recommend our customers the best solutions when their minimums are too low or not feasible for business.

This is really dependent on three things. The product, the quantity & the time of year. However, as a rule we try and achieve a lead time of 80 days for majority of our productions. This is also significantly dependent on the style and the quantity ordered and the time of year of the production.

Ofcourse , We are constantly working with upcoming designers to help them turn their concepts into physical products.